Canon C-Log to Rec.709 Exposure Correction LUTs


Every videographer and filmmaker strives for perfectly exposed footage in camera. In reality however, footage often turns out over or underexposed. This can be accidental or intentional, for many videographers slightly overexpose their C-Log footage to create better looking skin tones and reduce noise.

Canon's official Rec.709 LUTs do a good job of converting C-Log to Rec.709, but their LUTs are designed for perfectly exposed footage. That's where these Exposure Correction LUTs come in!

These 84 custom LUTs convert Canon C-Log and C-Log 3 footage to the Rec.709 color space AND normalize exposure using the proper C-Log gamma curve. They are modeled on Canon's official Rec.709 LUTs for all EOS R mirrorless cameras.

Footage overexposed by 1 stop? Use the -1 Stop Rec.709 LUT.

Footage underexposed by 2/3 a stop? Use the +0.66 Rec.709 LUT.

Under and overexposed footage (within 2 stops) are instantly corrected, and appear as if you nailed their exposure in-camera.

These LUTs are a huge timesaver (I know, I use them all the time), especially when importing and editing lots of footage that needs to be converted to Rec.709.

Video demonstration of these LUTs (YouTube)

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